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Orionet specialize in affordable outsource and in-house scanning and forms processing services for all sizes of business. We have the most outstanding scanners and scanning software available to provide you with the highest quality in document imaging. Our staff is highly trained and qualified to give you the best results.

We are familiar with most applications in all major industries including; healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, legal, utilities, banking, telecommunications, retail, media and advertising, pharmaceutical, government and more. 


The Benefits of Digitization

digitization benefits to business are many. Our solutions digitally transform business processes that lead to cost savings, efficiencies, improved customer satisfaction, boosts in employee morale, and reduced errors. Additional benefits include:

  • Disaster Recovery Preparation 

  • Elimination of lost files and mis-files 

  • Compliance support 

  • Office space reduction

  • Information security

  • Process automation and related cost reduction

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